Pacific City isn’t used to heroes. Built in the aftermath of the Skies of Fire back in 1985, when Doctor Havoc used a mass-driver to wipe out the city of Canberra, it existed in an era where many of Australia’s heroes were dead or in retirement. Never a country with a high-rate of meta-humans among its populace, Australia’s new capital waited nearly twenty years for the next generation of heroes to arrive.

Then came the Silver Storm, an uncontrolled burst of energy that swept across the city, mutating hundreds and giving untold numbers of people powers. A city without heroes suddenly found itself at the mercy of countless meta-humans, all too aware of how dangerous an unchecked population of powered entities could be.

When the tragedy of the Silver Storm was followed by ten demonic plagues, masterminded by an entity known only as the Death Angel, the people of Pacific City realised that things had changed.

They needed heroes, and they need them fast.

Fortunately, the next generation of Australian heroes has just graduated high-school…

Shock and Awesome: Volume 2 is a Mutants and Masterminds 3E Campaign set in a custom universe, but burrowing heavily from the Emerald City Knights adventure path for some of its background and NPCs. It picks up fifty-six sessions into the campaign, leading into the primary character’s graduation from high school, and follows them as they step up and become Pacific City’s primary heroes.

OMNI Comics Universe

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